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However, in the event of brochure request, questionnaires, mail distribution, you may be requested to input your personal information.
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Please notify Komatsu info@komatsufilter.co.jp of your name, name of company or group, phone #, email address, your URL when you establish links to Komatsu Website http://www.komatsufilter.co.jp.


  1. Creating a hyperlink to http://www.komatsufilter.co.jp is allowed under the following conditions. Komatsu shall have no obligation to notify any change or removal of this Website.
  2. Any link that may give a false impression that the linked page is our website is prohibited.
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  4. We reserve the right to request the deletion of the established link if we discover any infringe, defamation to us or any others, act against public order or morality, or any other act which we acknowledge no property. The submitted data may be used when Komatsu provides any internet service to you.

◆For Comfortable Use

As a general rule, this website can be used without registering your unique information (hereinafter referred to as personal information), but due to the nature of this website, catalog requests, questionnaires, email distribution, etc. are performed by your individual. You may be asked to register the information.
When using these services, you may be asked to register your personal information at your will.
Komatsu can identify your address, name, telephone number, e-mail address, date of birth and other information to be registered even if it becomes necessary to collect personal information through this website. We will manage your personal information as much as possible and strive to protect it appropriately.
Komatsu Ltd. is not responsible for the management or handling of personal information on websites linked from this website.
When collecting and registering personal information, Komatsu will endeavor to ensure security in preparation for unauthorized access by a third party, and will also endeavor to protect the database that records personal information.
Komatsu Ltd. will not disclose, leak, or provide the collected or registered personal information to a third party, and will not use it for any purpose other than those specified in advance. However, this does not apply if you use it as statistical data after processing it so that you cannot be identified or identified.


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