Filtering and Environmental Issues

Filtering and Environmental Issues

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- What we can do to save the environment -

We filter and reuse cooking oil, aiming for a considerable
contribution to resolving environmental problems
related to palm oil production.

Did you know that the careful use of oil along with proper filtration benefits both your company and also the world we live in? Komatsu Seisakusho Co., Ltd. has been developing systems for filtering and reusing cooking oil for over 70 years.

Addressing environmental problems has become an urgent challenge for us, the residents of this planet. Among these challenges, the situation with palm oil has become particularly dire in recent years. Palm oil is used in a variety of foods, including instant noodles, potato chips, and processed foods. It has become indispensable to our daily lives, with demand and production soaring annually worldwide. This rising demand is hurting the environment. Large-scale plantation developments in tropical forests have caused issues such as the reduction of living organisms and tropical forests, deforestation, and greenhouse gas emissions from fires. As a palm oil importer, Japan must face this issue seriously.

We are pouring our efforts into our oil filter machines every day to expand our system for filtering and reusing oil inside and outside Japan. We strive to make the careful usage of oil commonplace worldwide in hopes of contributing to resolving the palm oil issue. Japan is often called one of the world's gourmet countries. As a gourmet country, Japan has the power to spread the culture of proper oil usage throughout the world.

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