High Performance Filters

Komatsu oil filter machines perform best with our high performance filters. Developed through many years of research, our proprietary filters are capable of removing even fine particles that ordinary filters cannot catch. Our filters have superior properties and are available in a wide variety of different types. Maximize the lifespan of your oil with the best filter for your cooking conditions.

1. AV Down Series
(neutralization / decolorization)

Reduce oil waste, acid levels
dark color

AV Down is an oil neutralizing powder developed for filtering and neutralizing used cooking oil. It is spread on top of the filter sheet in the filter tank. We have been developing several types of AV Down powder to meet various customer specifications. Please feel free to contact us for assistance in selecting the most suitable product that meets your needs.

AV Down powder is applied on top of the filter paper, and a tight-fitting stopper prevents any powder from leaking into the oil.


AV Down will improve your product appearance, achieving greater consistency in the quality of fried products. In addition to lowering the oil’s acid value, it significantly reduces costs by extending the oil lifespan.

The principle of oil neutralization

Alkaline components neutralize the acid to reduce acid levels.

The principle of oil decolorization

Rough surface components in AV Down powder trap impurities that cause the muddy color.

Reduced oil waste

Daily use of AV Down can significantly reduce waste oil; simply top-up new oil as needed.

●More about AV Down(PDF)
●AV Down Introduction
AV Down Series

AV Down Special Ⅱ
(10kg / bag)

Specializes in cleaning the oil color, also lowers the oil’s acid value.

(10kg / bag)

Specializes in reducing the oil’s acid value.

AV Down Ⅲ
(10kg / bag)

Specializes in cleaning the oil color.

(15 bags / case)

AV Down comes in a bag for easy handling.

(15 bags / case)

AV Down is integrated with the filter paper for easy handling.

(15 bags / case)

New product! Patent pending!

In addition to its deoxidizing and decolorizing capabilities, CPS series also removes water from oil and prevents clogging. CPS series has been designed for use in conjunction with filter paper, making the handling of oil more convenient.

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AV Down is a series of safe food additives used in the food processing industry. We have been developing several types of AV Down powder to meet various customer specifications.

2. Filter Sheets
(filter papers / filter pads)

Filters can be selected based on your oil properties and filtration requirements. Our proprietary filter Filcopad is capable of removing fine particles that are too small for ordinary filters to catch. It can also be used in combination with AV Down, which has a deoxidizing effect, for even better results.

Filcopad high performance filters

The Benefits of Filcopad

Simplicity and convenience

Handling is very easy with no granular filter media required.

Outstanding oil deodorization effects

The active carbon component achieves superior deodorizing performance compared to conventional paper or granular filters.

Extended oil life and less need to add new oil

Thanks to its positive ion effect, Filcopad efficiently removes surfactants (iron particles and minerals that are factors in degradation) which accelerate oil deterioration. Since foods fried in clean oil absorb less excess oil, the fried foods are left with a nice finish and less of an oily odor, providing a better taste compared to other filtration systems. This unique form of filtering significantly extends the oil life and reduces the need to add new oil.

Healthier food products

Removal of surfactants reduces harmful cholesterol, resulting in healthier food products for customers.

Longer filter life

Filcopad is thick and durable, while the membrane surface is tapered to give a much larger filter area than conventional pad filters. Since it does not require replacement every time, it supports increased filter life.

Increased safety

Filcopad’s safety standards are recognized in the United States by the NSF and FDA.

*1 NSF/National Sanitation Foundation   *2 FDA/Food and Drug Administration

● Filcopad Introduction
● Filcopad Setting / KF Machine
Filter Sheets (filter papers / filter pads )

Filter Paper
(100 sheets / case)


Removes particles as small as 15-20 microns. Sufficient for removing only fried crumbs.

(50 sheets / case)


Extends the oil’s usable life by removing iron and other minerals that cause oil degradation. Compared to regular filter paper, Filcopad’s structure removes particles as small as 4-5 microns and does not need to be changed as frequently. Inclusion of activated carbon makes for superior odor removal.

Keep Filter
(100 sheets / case)

Keep Filter

To be used together with Filcopad. Using Keep Filter together with Filcopad helps prevent clogs and allows Filcopad to be used for a longer period of time. Extended use and reduced clogging of Filcopad, making Filcopad replacement and cleanup the most trouble free.

We have several types of filter sheets to meet various customer specifications. Please contact us for more information.

3. Filter Powder (powder)

Select the filter powder according to your oil conditions and application. The powder is to be spread on top of the filter paper. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our products. We stand ready to assist you in selecting the most suitable product for your needs.

Filter Powder

Act Power No.50
(7kg/ bag)

Pulping agent. Large filtration area. Can remove some water.

Radiolite #700
(20kg/ bag)

Removes very fine particles. Suitable for hot oil.

Komatsu Take Dust
(14kg/ bag)

Easier to handle than Radiolite.

4. Filter Combination Table

Select the combination of Filter and Filter Compound that is suitable for your particular filtration needs.

Target Filter Combination
Remove only
fried crumbs
  1. 1) Filter Paper
  2. 2) Filter Paper+Act Power No.50
  3. 3) Filter Paper+Radiolite #700
  4. 4) Filter Paper+Komatsu Take Dust
Remove fried crumbs
and odor
  1. 1) Filcopad
  2. 2) Filcopad + Keep Filter
Remove fried crumbs,
reduce oil’s acid value
and clean oil color
  1. 1) Filter Paper + AV Down
  2. 2) Filter Paper + AV300/AV500/AV600/AV900
  3. 3) Filter Paper + PL300/600/900
  4. 4) Filter Paper + CPS150-20/300-70/600-140
Remove fried crumbs, odor,
reduce oil’s acid value and clean oil color
  1. 1) Filcopad + Keep Filter + AV Down
  2. 2) Filcopad + AV300/AV500/AV600/AV900
● Filter Sheets Effects
● Filcopad Effects