Frequently asked questions

Q1What is the advantage of using an oil filter machine?
A1Reduction in oil cost and labor time, better quality of fried foods, and cleanup is much easier.
Q2How long can the life of the oil be extended by using an oil filter machine?
A2Komatsu machines are time-tested and proven to generally increase oil life by 150% – 300% (varies by factors such as the food type, oil quality and cooking temperature). Please consult with us for more details.
Q3Can any type of oil be filtered?
A3Yes. Basically any type of cooking oil can be filtered.
Q4Should oil be filtered every day?
A4Yes. Filtering the oil daily after use helps keep the oil in the best condition.
Q5Can any amount of oil be filtered?
A5We have a diverse lineup of oil filter machines that range in capacity from 5L to more than 3,000L. We may also be able to handle special orders by customer request. Please feel free to consult with us.
Q6Can oil that has been cooled still be filtered?
A6Please filter directly after use when the temperature of the oil is above 120℃. If the oil cools, then the oil filtration speed is dramatically reduced or entirely impeded due to the increased viscosity of the oil and the oil cannot be effectively filtered. The oil is best filtered when it is at a high temperature and passes quickly through the oil filter.
Q7How long can the filter paper and filtering agent be used for?
A7We generally recommend disposing after single use. However, depending on the condition it may be possible to use the same filter paper and filtering agent several times with an expected level of reduced filtering quality with each additional use. For those who find it troublesome to change the filter paper each time, use of a Filcopad may be a good remedy to maintain high filter quality with repeated use. We recommend trying a demonstration test.
Q8Is it ok not to replace the Filcopad each time?
A8The answer as to how many times it can be used will vary case by case, but there is no need to change it each time.
Q9What is the benefit to filtering with AV Down?
A9It can lower the oil acid value. You can also improve the oil’s color and appearance thanks to AV Down’s decolorization effect, resulting in more appetizing and healthier fried food.
Q10How many times can AV Down be used?
A10We generally recommend changing the powder after each use.
However, depending on the condition there may be cases where it could be used several times with an expected level of reduced filtering quality with each additional use.
Q11Does AV Down affect the product’s taste?
A11While the AV Down powder material itself does not directly alter a food’s taste, cleaner cooking oil does affect a product’s taste, odor and appearance, with most customers preferring the benefits of cleaner cooking oil. In those rarer instances where a customer prefers the taste of fried food associated with less cleanly filtered oil, we recommend simply filtering the oil without the efficiency benefits of AV Down use.
Q12Is there any risk of the AV Down powder getting into the oil during filtering?
A12There is no risk whatsoever with proper application and use. Our oil filter machine requires that filter paper be set in the filtration tank and the AV Down powder applied on top of the filter paper. There is also a tight-fitting stopper that prevents any powder from leaking.
Q13What would be the result if only filter paper is used without using AV Down?
A13Depending on the condition of the oil, using the filter paper alone may be sufficient. Please consult with our staff for more information.
Q14Can the oil filter machine be cleaned with water?
A14No. Please do not wash the inside of the filtration tank with water. Hot oil passes through the filtration tank and it is very dangerous should any water drops remaining inside the tank come into contact with hot oil. The inside of the filtration tank should only be cleaned by wiping clean after each use. While it is ok to separate removable parts from the main filtration tank and wash them with water, please be sure to carefully confirm that such removable parts are completely dry before returning them to the main filtration tank.
Q15How long is the warranty after purchase?
A15Our filter machines are warrantied for one year from the date of receipt. We will repair our product free of charge for any failure that should occur in normal use during the period of warranty as confirmed by a warranty acceptance inspection concluded within the warranty period.
Q16Can you provide special purpose oil filter machines?
A16Our company operates on a build-to-order basis. Each item is handmade at our factory. We can manufacture a special purpose oil filter machine that meets your needs.
Q17Can you manufacture oil tanks?
A17We can manufacture oil tanks that meet your needs and specifications.
Q18Can the oil filter machines and tanks also handle solid oils?
A18Solid oils can be handled without issue by attaching an oil extractor or heater to the oil filter machine and tank.
Q19Do you provide maintenance services?
A19Our dedicated filter-repair unit travels all over Japan to perform on-site repairs.
Q20Can you do plumbing work?
A20Yes, we can do plumbing work. We can also perform various other mechanical and construction work related to our products and services such as heat insulation, racking, heating, and electrical work.
Q21Can the oil filter machines be automated?
A21We can provide proposals for near-automatic filters that utilize various interlockings and automatic valve systems.
Q22Can you provide a demonstration?
A22We can visit you to provide a demonstration. We have a wide lineup of demo machines. Feel free to contact us for a demonstration request.