Oil Filter Machines (For medium- to large-size production lines)

We offer total solutions, from use in production lines to equipment design for automation, system management, efficiency improvement, and safety.

Industry Items

    Catering / Convenience stores / Rice snacks / Fried rice cakes / Meatballs / Frozen foods / Fried tofu / Fish cake / Instant ramen / School lunch / Donuts and others
  • One-stop service with our propriety design
    (supports all domestic fryers)
  • Solutions to make work smoother and easier
  • Improved line design, prevents accidents and enhances safety

Oil filter machines
for conveyor type fryers

Filter after
(work-end filtration)

Filter while
(continuous circulation)

oil tank

Reduce acid level

Filter machines for
soy sauces or
other sauces

For the instant noodle industry
For the bean confectonery industry such as peanuts and almonds