Oil Filter Machines
( For Restaurants / Fast Food )

Introducing the perfect oil filter machine for any small, medium, or large-scale restaurant.

Industry Items

    Sushi chain restaurants / Fast food / Family restaurants / Grocery stores, Fried chicken (karaage) Take-out / Tonkatsu restaurants / Udon and soba restaurants / Tempura restaurants / Pizza delivery / Chinese restaurants / Izakaya restaurants / Plate lunch restaurants / Office or school cafeterias / Hotels and Others
  • In-house design allows for one-stop service
  • A wide range of models to fit any kitchen
  • Fits comfortably under the fryer
    (fits all standard Japanese fryers)
  • Simple and easy for anyone to operate

For customers who
use hand-operated deep fryers

Remove particles from oil

Remove particles, reduce
acid level and decolorize oil

*The WS model has a mobile-suction
design that even works with pot fryers.